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Shaping, and enamelling the toenails, removal of hard skin, cuticle work and a relaxing lower leg and foot massage.


As well as shaping, buffing and enamelling the hand nails, the therapist will also work on the cuticles and perform a relaxing hand and arm massage as part of the treatment.


An eastern technique of hair removal, the therapist uses taut pieces of thread to form miniature lassoes around the unwanted hairs pulling them out of their follicles. Typically used to remove eyebrow and facial hair.


Our Mehndi artist, Ghusia, is fully qualified and experienced. She uses very intricate patterns to the hands, arms, legs or feet. Ghusia only uses natural products that are safe to use without the strong odour of some henna. Mehndi can be used for any occasion, traditionally Asian weddings, or just for fun appreciated by young and old alike.


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