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Training Days

Training Days are conducted by our team professional therapists, specialists in each field.

Following discussion with our team, sessions will be individually designed to suit your needs.

The workshops take place onsite and can be combined with onsite therapy days.

Topics include:-
Stress management
Indian head massage
Life coaching

Onsite Therapies

Many companies now realise the benefits of a stress management programme's for their employees. Implementing a stress management programme will improve the working environment, increase staff performance, productivity and commitment and reduce the incidences of absence.

To address this issue, Invest In Your Health offer Onsite Therapy days offering a comprehensive range of holistic therapies which will not only help in reducing stress levels but work to improve the general health and well being of the staff.

Onsite therapy days can be arranged as a one day session and include a range of treatments tailored to meet the needs of the clients. We also offer shorter sessions, where therapies are booked to suit your requirements. These are normally booked for 3-4 hours on a weekly or monthly basis.

Therapies available on these days will include a selection of the following:
Aromatherapy back massage
Indian Head Massage
Thai Foot Massage
Nutritional Therapy
Beauty therapies, to include facials, manicures, threading

Further details of all available therapies are available on request.

Massage In Schools

Invest in Your Health is a company of fully qualified and experienced therapists offering a range of therapies and holistic treatments. We are now in the position to offer the Massage in Schools programme, first introduced in the UK in December 2000 and in use in over 1000 schools nationwide.
The massage in schools programme was first launched by an infant massage instructor from Sweden and her Canadian colleague and is now practiced in schools in many countries. It is based on the belief that respectful touch can encourage self-esteem, confidence and mutual respect in children participating in the programme. Children taking part report feeling happier at school, having more friends, working harder and experiencing improved concentration. The Touch Research Institutes’ database lists dozens of clinical trials demonstrating that a wide range of conditions can be improved by touch therapy, including childhood behaviour problems, mental health, anxiety and sleeplessness. Studies have also shown a reduction in bullying and less aggression in the school culture as a whole.

Studies and observations have shown that by taking part in the MISP children experience a range of positive benefits such as:
* Children become calmer
* They have improved concentration
* They have more confidence
* Helps children recognise 'good' and 'bad' touch
* Children develop better motor skills
* Teaches children to respect themselves and others
* Reduces bullying and aggressive behaviour

"If you have a child leaving school with high self-esteem then the education system has achieved its greatest goal. The Massage In Schools Programme (MISP) helps with this objective."
Roger Brown, OFSTED Inspector, December 2005

"Children enjoy the positive comments made and it's nice to see children co-operating
and treating each other with care".


"He likes to give me a massage if I'm stressed, which is nice. He appears to be more relaxed with himself."
"The Massage in Schools Programme helped us meet several of the outcomes of the
Every Child Matters agenda."
Head Teacher
"This is a wonderful way to offer children a nourishing time at school and give them a valid life skill."
Kate Pigeon-Owen

The massage is introduced to the children by a MISP instructor who has completed the Massage in Schools Programme training. Participants include teachers, school nurses, health workers, massage therapists and others who work with children.
The instructor will work with the teacher and children to introduce the formal massage routine. Once introduced into a school, the massage programme becomes a daily 10 minute routine. Before introducing the programme it is recommended that a full discussion takes place with teachers, governors and parents. Our practitioners would be on hand to offer explanations and field any questions. Consent from parents will need to be obtained.

All massage is undertaken fully clothed and by the children themselves. Massage is restricted to arms, shoulders, upper back and neck. Teachers do not massage children. There is no compulsion for a child to participate - if they wish to sit and watch they can.
The child giving the massage has to ask the other child’s permission before touching and at the end the recipient has to say thank you. Children learn simple strokes designed to relax muscles and ease tension. The massage sequences are made into games and stories, for example, pretending to write letters, plant a garden or create a pizza on each others back. The work is based on clear neurobiological and psychological principles. After parental permission is obtained children are firstly taught the importance of respect, by asking if their friend wants a massage.

Promotes emotional resilience
Helps build self esteem
Reduces the propensity for aggressive behaviour
Improves social cohesion
Improves communication skills
Can form part of the Personal, Health, social and Citizenship education at KS1 and KS2 and may contribute to the Healthy Schools Award in the area of emotional health and well-being.
Helps children to learn more about themselves and each other
Empowers children by enabling them to rehearse Positive Language, Language of choice.


Invest in Your Health offer a wide range of workshops which can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Our workshops are run by fully qualified and insured trainers.We have a wide range of workshops available which can be used on their own or as a course. They are usually around 2 hours in length but this can be adapted to suit. Materials are provided and in most cases there are handouts or booklets to accompany the work. The workshops have been designed and costed for up to 12 participants.We can accommodate more but there may be an additional cost. The following are examples but we are very flexible and can modify them to merge topics within one session. Most sessions can be delivered in other languages if needed (Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujurati, Hindi and Mirpuri)

Every session/ course begins with a short health and safety session and for courses we ask participants to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure their safety.

Examples of courses that we have run are:
Asian Beauty –
a 6 week course covering mehndi, threading, facials, make up, hair care, massage

Looking after yourself –
6 week programme covering aroma therapy, reflexology, manicure and pedicure, relaxation, yoga, Indian head massage

Leading a Balanced life -
a 10 week programme based on Jenny Mosley’s Wells (creativity, fun, spiritual, cognitive and physical). Course covered Tai chi, art, massage, colour therapy, nutrition, meditation, circus skills, a country walk and many other activities.

Body Beautiful -
6 week course which looks at many aspects of how we view ourselves from influences, self confidence and esteem, nutrition and exercise.

Sessions are £125 each but if a 6 week course is booked we will add a 7th week as a celebration / where next event for free.
The 10 week course costs £1100.
These prices are for local to Birmingham, please contact us for pricing outside of Birmingham.

Please call 07500 964827 or email for a chat about how we can help you.

Parenting course-
in association with Life Education Centres we offer 8 week courses covering behaviour, alcohol/ drugs, stress management and children's health. (these courses run for 8 weeks and cost between £3790.00 per 8 week course for up to 15 parents/carers for a course for parents of primary children and £4468 per 9 week course (with child care) for parents of teenagers course.


Courses available:

Exercise Sessions

Exercise sessions:

Yoga In Schools


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